Quique dacosta 2000 2006 primer libro gastronomia
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Legal notice on access to Montagud Editores, S.A. websites

All the industrial- and intellectual-property rights for the websites www.molineriaypanaderia.com, www.montagud.com, www.libreriagastronomica.com, www.apicius.es, www.laconfiteria.com y www.vidaapicola.com, www.quiquedacosta.com, así , and their contents (including images, audio, video, software and texts among other items), belong either to MONTAGUD EDITORES, S.A. or, in some cases, to third parties.

Users are entitled to view those contents, and even to print them, copy them and store them on their computer's hard disk or other physical medium, provided that this is done solely and exclusively for their own personal, private use, it thus being forbidden to use them for commercial purposes, to distribute them, and to modify, tamper with or decompile them.

Users undertake to use the contents and services provided by MONTAGUD EDITORES, S.A. in suitable ways (e.g. in chat services, forums and newsgroups), and to refrain from using them for illicit or illegal activities, or activities that run counter to good faith and law and order; to refrain from causing damage to the physical and logic systems of MONTAGUD EDITORES, S.A., its suppliers and third parties; to refrain from releasing on the Internet or spreading computer viruses, or any other physical or logical systems that might cause the above-mentioned damage; and to refrain from accessing, and using after accessing, the email accounts of other users, and from modifying or manipulating their messages.

MONTAGUD EDITORES, S.A. reserves the right to make any changes deemed appropriate in its websites, without prior notice, the company being entitled to change, remove and add to the contents and services provided through the websites as well as the way those contents and services are presented or located in its websites.

MONTAGUD EDITORES, S.A. will take legal action over any breaches of the conditions stipulated above, and over any other improper use of its websites, making use of all the civil- and criminal-law actions the company is entitled by law to use.

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