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MONTAGUD EDITORES took its first steps in the circle of technical, professional journalism in 1906 with the magazine entitled MOLINERÍA Y PANADERÍA. In 1930 we launched the magazine LA CONFITERÍA ESPAÑOLA as a monthly publication aimed at the professional sectors of patisserie and gastronomy. VIDA APÍCOLA is the third amongst the publications in our publishing house, directed toward the world of apiculture. In November of 2003, APICIUS Journal of High Gastronomy, was presented at the Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía Congress in San Sebastian as a biannual publication, the fourth of our printed publications, born from the success of its digital predecessor.

In November of 2004 it received the LMG award for the best gastronomic publication of the year. The success of this journal has lead to its gradual internationalization, with the first Apicius Italia edition coming out in November 2006, the first French edition in November of 2007 and, in May of 2008, the first Dutch edition will hit the presses. Apicius will be published in English for the first time in November 2008.

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From its inception as a publishing company, Montagud Editores has specialized in the publication of technical books directed towards professionals, conceived in the spirit of contributing to their training. Since 1986, MONTAGUD EDITORES has undertaken new initiatives, conscious of the evolution of communication and the need for training tools that can contribute to the elevation and consolidation of the level of these sectors for which it serves as an industry voice. With this goal in mind, we have published innumerable books by professionals covering topics such as baking, pâtisserie, ice-cream making, cuisine, apiculture and technical videos in the field of pâtisserie, baking and restaurant desserts. Widespread acclaim has been received for books like "La Pastelería Pierre Hermé" or "Au Cœur des Saveurs" by Frédéric Bau, with editions in Spanish, French, German, English and even Japanese in the latter case. One of the most recent works entitled “Foie Gras” by André Bonnaure, published in Spanish, French and English, won the award for the Best French Book in the World in 2006 by the World Cookbook Awards, as well as the Prix de Gastronomes Ambassadeurs de Rungis in 2008.

Other notable works include "Bras" by Michel Bras, "La Cocina de los Postres" de Oriol Balaguer, editions in Spanish, French and English, "Vinos de España" by Jeremy Watson, en Spanish and English, "Cocina para Cóctel" by Tony Botella, also in Spanish, French and English, also with a great deal of success and recognition.

In 2003 and 2004, the following works were released, among others: "Siglo 21. La nueva generación de la Confitería Española", also in English and French, "Hacer pan es fácil" by Francisco Tejero, "Bacalao" by Tábula, "La cocina al vacío" by Joan Roca, "Mano de cocinero" by Ramon Freixa, and "Cocina dulce" which in many cases have been translated into other languages.

In 2005, “Mieles de España y Portugal” by Antonio Gómez Pajuelo, “La discreta arrogancia del mundo del vino” by Josep Puig, “El libro del Salado” by various authors (kicking off a collection of medium-format professional books) and “Arroces Contemporáneos” by Quique Dacosta (Best Gastronomic Publication 2005 in LMG).

In 2006 editions of the book “Fusión Chocolate” by Frédéric Bau appeared simultaneously in Spanish and French, covering the topic of savory chocolate cuisine.Other successful publications included "Todos los sabores del chocolate" by G.J. Bellouet and J.M. Perruchon, “Maestros panaderos” by Francisco Tejero the English and French versions of “Cocina dulce”.

In October of the same year we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our first issue of MOLINERÍA Y PANADERÍA, still an active publication, and, as well, that of our publishing house. At the start of 2007, Montagud Editores released “Diversiones dulces” by Yann Duytsche, available both in French and English, as well as other books such as “El libro del buffet y el cóctel”, “El libro del cuarto frío”. In 2008 we published “Lúcido & Lúdico” by renowned chef Pierre Gagnaire, as well as two works on patisserie: Renovación by pastry chef Enric Rosich and Ph10 Antología de Pierre Hermé. The most recent work is Echaurren, el sabor de la memoria, by Francis Paniego and Marisa Sánchez.