Quique dacosta 2000 2006 primer libro gastronomia
El proyecto

A revolutionary multilingual and multimedia publishing project

Montagud Editores has the pleasure to present, for the first time, a project adapted to our current times. A wager on all that is avant-garde in cuisine: the chef, his work and his approach.

The subject matter is intensely contemporary, combining the traditional model on paper with the most recent technologies in the form of a website. A book and a private website. Two works in one, both capturing and explaining the cuisine of Quique Dacosta, owner and chef of Quique Dacosta Restaurante in Denia (Alicante, Spain).

The printed book, an oversized deluxe edition, consists of more than 300 pages that reveal, for the first time, the philosophy and thought of Quique Dacosta. More than 50 photographs illustrate the reflections and commentaries of the author. The narrative thread of the book covers the evolution and defines the pillars of his work from a more critical and personal point of view. In-depth analysis: training, roots, environments, products, research, techniques.

The private website makes it possible to construct the book in a different way. Each reader experiences his or her own "internship". An internship 100% Quique Dacosta Restaurante. Quique Dacosta's trajectory and the history of the restaurant from 2000 to 2006 are summarized in a collection of 90 recipes and more than 20 videos that illustrate the natural surroundings of Quique Dacosta Restaurante, their most emblematic products, the most representative techniques developed there and the excellence of the chef.