Quique dacosta 2000 2006 primer libro gastronomia
Quique Dacosta

Dacosta is an elegant man. And so is his kitchen (aside from clean, clear and aromatically coloristic) at Quique Dacosta Restaurante, located in Denia, the city by the sea we in Italy as well as ĖI believeĖ in the rest of the world, have learned to know and dream of exclusively thanks to him. Heís a cheerful guy, just like his dishes and just like those who taste them; because they are so chromatically rich and visually striking that you canít help but be captivated until your mouth experiences that big bang that ultimately wins your heart.

I am astonished by how meticulous Quique is about everything, from his own person and image, to shopping for products Ėthat obsessive way of shopping that is a prelude to the dishes to come. Some of his colleagues are great at purchasing the best products in the market, but once in the kitchen they are lucky enough if they donít ruin what they've bought: thatís what the product was and thatís what you are served, no more and fortunately, no less. Meanwhile, there are but a few others who go beyond all that, injecting new life into the raw materials. In the case of Quique, he has his own ideas and carries them out fearlessly and without self-complacency. There are those who give up, but he is one of the few who give their heart and soul. And that has value, because a red shrimp (his are from Denia) is perfect, proudly raw all by itself. But courage and a certain amount of boldness are necessary to consider taking it to new heights, with processes that make you forget the original and prevail by merit, and not just by curiosity, as would be the case of the attractive new dish that quickly becomes boring.

Dacosta is not looking to amaze. He does not innovate just because the odd easily makes (ephemeral) news. Any one of his dishes require many stages of preparation. You never get the feeling that something was created by chance, or was made in a hurry. It is as if with this work he is building, year after year, a new cooking encyclopedia: his very own, always keeping in mind the starting point and the goal. He avoids the forced or unwarranted stages of those dishes that appear here or there just to please. Quique is true to himself and heís unprecedented, different from anyone else. He has the ability to see unexplored horizons and immediately discover the paths he must travel to get there. But such elegance and such intelligence are goals only limited by a rainbow, and his dishes are pots of gold.

Carlo Cracco
Cracco Restaurant, Milan (Italy)

Ctra. Les Marines km.3.
03700 Dénia.
Tél.: (+34) 96 578 41 79